Mitigating Financial Risks By Emphasizing On Testing Phase In The DevOps Process.

Intuitive and Interactive software is rapidly becoming an interface to every business and plays a major role in its success.Those organizations which are able to expedite the release of quality softwares ( new features) and are able to bring them on floor fulfilling the end user requirements are crossing the finishing line and the ones who are not able to achieve the same are tottering .

Responding to the ever increasing demand of new features, organizations are constantly pondering and are on a look out for techniques and processes to accelerate the SDLC process. Its nothing wrong in spurring up or catalyzing the software development cycle but at the same time we need to strike an equilibrium among quality, quantity and speed.

Most of the times what happens is the entire workforce efforts are focussed on attaining the agility which inevitably compromises the quality. Moreover organizations have a mindset and they keep on deferring the required investments set for the testing phase but they need to realize that this deferral will result in technical debt and over the time this technical debt will compound increasing the risk and complexity associated with each release.

One of the new processes which has taken the center stage and is beating its drums loud is DevOps. It proclaims to provide enough room for each of the phases viz. dev, ops and testing but the fact of the matter is testing is again a neglected rugrat in this process. So where DevOps speaks of Continuous Integration , Continuous Deployment and Rapid Provisioning Continuous Testing again seems to have taken the backseat.

The consequences of sidelining the testing process can be severe and the proverb “a stitch in time saves nine” should always be remembered .
Continuous Testing can provide real -time assessment of the business risks associated with an application under development. It keeps the team members and stakeholders on its toes and forecasts about expected breakdowns and befitting timelines to release new versions and updates.
Hence optimal QA methodologies and Continuous Testing tools viz. Infinitest, JUnitMax should be an integral part of the DevOps culture/ process only then it will be able to achieve the deliberated results and will be able to bottle up the rising differentiated opinions and bring everybody on a common platform.

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